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We're Back, and better than ever!

A.L. Boer Goats concentrates on breeding quality fullblood and percentage boer goats in northwest Ohio. In 2010 we decided to sell our original herd and rebuild.  We learned so much over the years, and wanted to put what we learned into action. 

Our goal is to produce a thick, meaty goat with a sound structure.  We like big goats and want to maintain the "original" boer look while breeding to improve the overall quality of the animal.

Health and ability to reproduce were also criteria for picking out the new herd. Does have to be good mothers and able to kid on their own. Bucks...well, we knew exactly what we were wanting, we always loved the looks of "Painted Warrior" and "War Dancer" so we visited the site of Jack & Anita Mauldin quite often looking for our next buck........


2 Years Later

In 2012, after keeping Rudy's best does, we decided to invest in a new buck.  At this time we realized that the "original style" boer goat that we have loved over the years doesn't compete well in the market class. Our decision moving forward was to get a heavy muscled "new style" buck and cross with our Rudy does and see if we can get the best of both worlds.  We decided to purchase "Special Reserve"  out of "Maximizer" (2011 Reserve National Champion Buck) and "All the Rave" (2010 ABGA Reserve National Champion Jr Doe).  He has a wide top, wide front, heavy muscling and overall everything they look for in a "wether style" buck.  We will see our first kids from him in Feb 2013--and we cant wait!!

Special Reserve


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